FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, LET'S PLAY!


     The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground is a decked out, kid painted, bright yellow box truck equipped with items like hula-hoops, basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, bubbles, yoga mats, chalk, frisbee golf, kick ball, kites, pogo balls, corn hole, hackey sacks, water squirters, life size pick-up-sticks, imaginative play items, safety cones and energetic dance music to keep everyone movin' and groovin'. Plus more items as kids dream them up :)

     The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground was the brain child of a group of youth from East Wheeling seeking to help kids of the Ohio Valley have access to free fun and creative play. The children then asked youth from South Wheeling and the Island to join them in making the idea of “The Fun-Raiser Urban Mobile Playground” a reality. Together, the youth formed a group they call “The Never Bored Board” and they submitted their idea to Try This West Virginia and received a grant to buy the truck. HoH-Share inc., a local non -profit, helped them stock the truck with play items and now oversees the project under the guidance of the youth. The Fun-Raiser is dedicated to supporting youth visionaries, leadership, healthy kids and relationships, and fun of course!